Maternity Leave

9 03 2009

I’ve taken a break from just about everything to recover from enjoy the birth of our son. And good thing too…the continuous lack of sleep has made me very crazy and not always a happy person. I’m hoping that will turn around soon! I was shocked when I realized a month has already flown by. We must have been in a time warp too. So now it’s time to gradually get back to the big world; back to work, blogging, and stuff. Well, maybe I’ll leave out a lot of the stuff…we seem to be doing just fine without it. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!



3 responses

9 03 2009
Massachusetts Husband

love you wife…. 🙂

9 03 2009

I feel like I’m taking leave right along with you… I like the description of being in a time warp. I feel that way too and I don’t have a new baby!!

9 03 2009
Toby's Mama

Wow! A month already!
Sorry I could not spend more time when I dropped by – I barely got to see how perfect he was! However, Toby had been terrible and I had to get him home.
Hope to see you soon!

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