Wearing baby

10 03 2009

I am so excited that Jennifer made me a beautiful ring sling to carry the little one around in! He is just a peanut, but my arms are getting tired. (Hopefully my muscles are getting bigger too!) There are also so many benefits to baby wearing.
I love my new sling, but I have to admit I saw this other baby carrier today that made me drool: the ERGObaby. It would be lovely to have as the babe grows bigger. As the name implies, it is ergonomically correct and can be worn in the front, on the hip, or on the back. Cool! I think this Hawaiian print is a lot of fun too!

As part of Wear Your Baby Week, you can enter to win an ERGObaby at the GiveThemRoots blog. The contest link is here.



One response

11 03 2009

I think the back carry looks easy, comfortable, and safe. I always wanted to carry my kids on my back but never could quite get the hang of it. Glad you like the sling. I’ll post pictures when I remember to have hubby leave me the camera!

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