Meal Plan Monday- AK (Mar 16)

16 03 2009


 Happy St Patty’s Day!!!  One of my favorite holidays!  I do have a little Irish in me.  And I married an Irishman (red hair and all!) so we will definitely be celebrating this week.  I talked to Colleen and be both agreed that cooking the corned beef in the crockpot was the best way for both of us this year (sorry mom- I’ll try the pressure cooker next year).

It looks like this Thursday will be a great leftover day.  Last week we ended up making a homemade pizza since we didn’t have much left after making use of the steak for fajitas and devouring the chicken I cooked Wed.  I didn’t realize how easy it was to make my own pizza dough.  I forsee a lot more homemade pizzas now!

So, without further ado here is my plan for the week :

Monday– beans and rice or something of that nature- the black bean soup I tried to make yesterday wasn’t ready for dinner. I accidentally left it in the crockpot on high all night but it tastes OK so I am going to try to make something out of that.
Tuesday– corned beef (of course), cabbage, potatoes, irish soda bread
Wednesday– salmon enchiladas using a variation of this recipe
Thursday– leftovers
Fridaycrab flake toss, garlic bread
Saturday– meat ball sandwiches
Sunday– bbq meatloaf in schlemmertopf (I’m giving one more try before I totally write it off in favor of just using my crockpot)

Stop by later this week for a post on ways to use up 25# of pinto beans.  I promise I will get that up soon.  It’s mostly written!!  (And the check is in the mail!)

And as always, check out I’m an Org Junkie every week for hundreds of meal plans!

Have a great week!