Un-stuffed Peppers

24 03 2009

I’ve recently rediscovered how much I like stuffed peppers  but they’re too much work to eat regularly. When I found this recipe for stuffed peppers in the crock pot, I was skeptical, especially since it doesn’t require whole peppers.
Nevertheless, I gave it a try and it turned out very tasty. Sure, it’s not as pretty as regular stuffed peppers (the picture is before it’s cooked). Still, I’ll trade the simplicity of the dish in for the lack of visual appeal!

I did change a few things from the original recipe:

    --Used 2 red, one green bell pepper.
    --Reduced the amount of meat by at least 1/3
    --Didn't have enough tomato sauce, so I cut back the rice
    --Forgot to add the cheese. Didn't miss it!

Time saver tip: I chopped the peppers earlier in the week and used some of them in another meal. I put the ones for this recipe in the freezer until needed. Just be sure they’re defrosted before adding to the slow cooker. Next time I might even try using a bag of frozen chopped peppers from Trader Joe’s.

For lots more slowcooker recipes, visit the “WHAT’S IN YOUR CROCKPOT?” party at Smockity Frocks. Yum, yum!