Toddler Speak

6 04 2009

As I am trying to post my meal plan for the week, my three year old comes up to me to tell me he and his brother are going on a “abenchure”. “A what? An adventure?” I ask. “No,” he says, “say aBENchure.” “Oh, ok, have fun!” This got me thinking of all the silly mispronuciations he shares with me. I need to record them so I can remember them in 20 years!

Here are a few more!

snesame: sesame
bandana: banana
eggo: Diego
nah-sree-us: rhinocerus
a lick: a lollipop

Funny thing is, he can say Massachusetts perfectly (even pronounces the T on the end)!

Spring is popping up at Bakerella

6 04 2009

You should see the cupcake pops that Bakerella has designed for Easter. They are stinkin’ cute! The chicks are probably my favorite, but theĀ  wooly lambs are pretty sweet too.

Easter Cake Pops