Toddler Speak

6 04 2009

As I am trying to post my meal plan for the week, my three year old comes up to me to tell me he and his brother are going on a “abenchure”. “A what? An adventure?” I ask. “No,” he says, “say aBENchure.” “Oh, ok, have fun!” This got me thinking of all the silly mispronuciations he shares with me. I need to record them so I can remember them in 20 years!

Here are a few more!

snesame: sesame
bandana: banana
eggo: Diego
nah-sree-us: rhinocerus
a lick: a lollipop

Funny thing is, he can say Massachusetts perfectly (even pronounces the T on the end)!



2 responses

6 04 2009

Honey..your almost three year old turned three last week….do you need to take a nap?

7 04 2009

Yes a nap would be nice. A full night of sleep would be nice too. Can you be on night duty tonight? I fixed it. Now he’s not almost three anymore.

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