Julie is sick

1 05 2009

Bean follows me into the other room carrying her doll, Julie, in a sling. Here’s the ensuing conversation.

Bean: Mama, Julie is sick.
Me: How is she sick?
Bean: Julie is sick in her head.
Me: (trying not to laugh) Oh? Did she eat something that made her sick?
Bean: Yes. She at something bad. She ate a bad mushroom.
Me: Snort!

Moral of the story: Bad mushrooms make you sick in the head.


Fyi, before you get all worried about where Bean is picking this up from, the bad mushroom is from her pizza party kit. The toppings went “bad” because Bean had left them lying all over her floor!



One response

4 05 2009

Glad I wasn’t drinking coffee while reading this or else it would have been coming out my nose. Kids are so funny!

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