Jerked Spice Ham Recipe

4 05 2009

When I was an America Reads/America Counts tutor in college, I was paired with an awesome 1st grade teacher at PS 20 in NYC. She introduced me to wonderful island food at a little restaurant a few blocks from our school. One of my favorite dishes there was the jerked chicken. On repeated trips, she also got me to try some amazing jerked spice goat.   

Fast forward to this weekend, when I found the A to Z Twins Blog where she hosts a “Mystery Spice Monday” to rescue those unused and unloved spices from the cupboard. I knew exactly which spice I wanted to try first: my Caribbean Jerk Seasoning. I was nostalgic when I bought it, but it has been hiding ever since. may-2009-006

So what to make? Well, there is a plethora of ham in the house, so I searched some recipes and found Jerked Spice Ham by Jamie Olivier’s recipe. I loosely adapted his recipe to use leftovers and I came up with this:

Mix about 1/4 cup orange juice with 1/2 Tbs jerk seasoning. Spoon half the mixture over ham slices and run them under the broiler. Flip the slices, spoon remaining mixture over ham and broil again.

The rice side dish also has the jerk seasoning. I heated up 2 Tbs butter with 1 tsp minced garlic, 2 jarred roasted red peppers (minced) and 1 tsp jerk seasoning. Then I stirred in one bag of minute rice and added some sesame oil for extra flavor. It looks really pretty with the pink ham and the steamed snap peas. The dish wasn’t too spicy; I would even add more spice next time since the ham was already very sweet, the OJ made it even sweeter and sugar is the #1 ingredient in the McCormick Blend. Bean must have picked up on the sugar she ate quite a bit before she fell asleep at the dinner table!   


Back to the real world

4 05 2009

PhotobucketHello everyone- did you miss me? I feel like I’ve been away for ages even though we’ve been out of town for only two weeks. I think in part it’s because I spent the last few weeks boycotting technology while we were visiting our families. I literally logged on to the internet 2 times in 2 weeks (both times to check on library books I forgot to return before we left). We had a great trip and I will post pictures and details about that another time. But for now I need to get back to business!

Now that “summer” is here I am going to try to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. There will be a lot of grilling out, crockpot meals, and easy to fix stuff. Also watch for more camp meal ideas since we plan on doing a lot of camping again this year.

Now on to my menu for this week. Be sure to stop by I’m an Org Junkie to check out other meal plan ideas.

Monday– roast (crockpot), baked beans, pasta salad
Tuesday– taco salad
Wednesday– roast chicken (again, in the crockpot), mashed potatoes, broccoli
Thursday– “leftover” pizza
Friday-beef stew (from the freezer), fresh bread, green beans
Saturday– salmon (grilled), grilled onions, pierogies
Sunday-??? depends on if we head up to our cabin

One more thought before I go- we stopped to buy some lemonade from a little girl yesterday and she inspired me to make my own. She had slices of strawberries floating in homemade lemonade. For mine I cut up a few strawberries (I think 3), put them in the bottom of a pitcher with a TBS of sugar and let them sit a few minutes. Then I mashed them very slightly, filled the pitcher with lemonade (3/4 c. lemon juice, 1/2 c. sugar, almost 2 qts water) and let it sit in the fridge for an hour. YUMMY!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a bright sunny day!


Meal Plan Monday in MA

4 05 2009

It’s going to be a hammy week here since whole hams were $.99/lb last week at the market. Even the smallest ham is a lot for our little family. Half of our half ham is already in the freezer, and, sadly, the ham bone has been thrown away so there will be no split pea ham soup, but I have some other ideas to avoid ham-burnout. Yes, I’ll eat it, Sam I am.

Sunday: Homemade Pizza w/ diced ham & tomatoes

Monday: Jerked Spice Ham (I plan to create something inspired by Jamie Olivier’s recipe and Mystery Spice Mondays on the A to Z Twins Blog)

Tuesday: Egg Salad Sandwiches

Wednesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Thursday: Ham & Blackeyed Peas

Friday: Baked Fish

Saturday: Leftovers


Spice up your meal plan with ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie! She’s also posted her top ten list for selecting recipes this week.