Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen

12 05 2009

Last Friday, I received some sunscreen to try as part of a new campaign I’m participating in as a BzzAgent. It’s got an incredibly long, yet descriptive name: Neutrogena® Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Lotion SPF 60+ with PureScreen . According to Neutrogena, PureScreen is a “physical sunblock that creates a barrier between baby’s skin and the sun to provide instant broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.” You can also find Pure & Free Sunblock in a stick, which must be convenient to tote around in a purse or diaper bag.
Miraculously, the same afternoon that this package arrived, the rain that had plagued us all week let up and we were able to try it out right away. Our littlest munchkin is only 3 months old, so Bean got to be the guinea pig. I liked how easy the Neutrogena sunscreen was to rub in to her skin. It felt more like a lotion than a cream or paste. We have been using an all-natural, non-chemical sunscreen which is very thick and despite my best efforts, makes Bean look like the Michelin Man.
The Neutrogena brand also boasts a 60+ SPF, whereas our current brand is only 30+. I’ve heard that anything over 30 is just fluff; that the difference is really null, but in my experiences (of having pallid skin that burns brighter than a beet when someone even mentions sun), I can’t stand all-out sunshine without SPF 45 or greater. May 2009 012
Bean played outside for a couple hours and fared well without needing to reapply sunscreen. Of course, I made sure she had her hat on, and she would not let me forget her sunglasses—both are key elements to combatting those pesky sun-rays!
I still prefer the PABA free, non-chemical sunscreen because I want to balance the amount of chemical exposure Bean gets with the amount of time that she wants to be outside. Still, if Bean squirms and protests every time I slather it on, it’s nice to have an easy option.
I’d be happy to hear your opinions & experiences and find out what it is you look for in a sunscreen.

Would you like to try it? I have a few coupons to share, so let me know!