Quiche Made Easy

20 05 2009

Last night while my husband was grilling our steaks for dinner I whipped up two batches of this recipe for crustless quiche. (Great idea for saving time- cook tomorrow’s dinner while hubby is cooking tonight’s outside on the grill.) I substituted 1/4 cup of Country Crock spread for half the butter and added some spinach. I was thinking we’d have one for the freezer and one for tonight’s dinner. Although there may not be any left! I had a small taste while wrapping up the one for the freezer and decided I should have another taste for my breakfast. I might just have to have some for lunch too! It is SOOOO GOOD!!! And very easy! I’m always hesitant to make quiche because they never turn out great for me.

Toddler review- both boys ate everything I served them with no complaints!  This recipe is definitely a winner!




2 responses

20 05 2009

I love quiche, but I haven’t tried making it crustless. Maybe next week.

7 06 2009
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