Bean’s Sandwich Creation

22 05 2009


May 2009 041

Bean helped me make a veggie dip this morning to bring to playgroup, but of course, I forgot it and left it behind in the fridge! So, when we got back home, I set it out on the table for Bean to munch on while I got lunch ready. Well, if you give a Bean some dip, she’ll want some bread to spread it on (see “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie“). Then she’ll ask for some salad and cheese to go with it… And she will create a sandwich masterpiece for you.

Dip Recipe (in very scientific terms):
Mix together a hunk of cream cheese (low-fat is ok) with a few tablespoons of mayo and/or milk (low-fat still ok) to loosen it up. Add a chug of your favorite dressing and/or spices mixture to taste. Bean loves blue cheese dressing with italian seasonings. Ranch dressing would work well, but I’m not keen on the msg. Parsley adds a nice color without a sharp flavor. You could even add shredded veggies to the mix (carrots would work great).