Memorial Day Camping Trip

28 05 2009


Mt McKinley

What a beautiful, wonderful, and not so wonderful weekend we had…

First the beautiful wonderful part- the weather was AWESOME!  60’s and sunny the entire weekend- not a cloud in the sky!  I drove out to the nursery on Friday and bought a flat full of flowers and lettuce.  Saturday while hubby helped a friend move, I planted everything.  I gambled a little planting flowers in the front yard since the kids love to dig the dirt out of that planter, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep them out of it.  Flowers and plants make me happy. 

Sunday we drove up to Alaska Veterans’ Memorial at Byers Lake for a memorial service put on by the Viet Nam Vets Motorcycle Club (hubby was taking pictures and brought up the sound equipment for it).  The boys had ants in their pants, so I sat with them in the car.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to see the service, but we heard the music and got to see the motorcycle parade.


After the service we drove over to Talkeetna for dinner and some icecream.  I’ve never been there so it was nice to see.  We got some great views of Mt. McKinley too.  Sunday night we camped at Montana Creek.  The boys had fun throwing rocks in the creek and cooking marshmallows.

We had a great time and even though we were only gone one day, it felt like we had a long weekend.  The weekend was made even longer though, and turned not so wonderful when we got home Monday afternoon.

While taking the camper off the truck the front left jack broke.  We really want to be upset about it, but have to be thankful because it could have been much worse.  The camper could have crushed the truck, or rolled down the hill and been ruined.  One of the kids could have been near it and gotten hurt.  This could have happened when we were camping (two hours away from here).  And we are thankful for the friends that came to help us get the camper back upright.  After looking at the damage it doesn’t look as bad as we initially thought either.  Hopefully it won’t take too long to fix so we can still use it for camping this summer.Camper[1]









Now back to work- we are having a garage sale this weekend so I have lots to do!  I’m hoping when it’s all over with my home will be a little less cluttered.  Right now everything is pulled out so I can sort through it and gather stuff up to sell!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!