A new baby in the neighborhood…

10 06 2009

Find the moose in this photo.  (Yes there is one!)


Our backyard... mama moose is hiding!


This morning we noticed a moose and her new calf walking past our house.  And this afternoon we had another visit from them, this time they walked back down the street, behind our neighbor’s house, and up the creek into our yard.  It was fun to watch the mama with her baby.   But all the time I’m thinking “Great, there goes my garden.”  While I’m kind of honored they want to stop and visit in our yard, having a moose use your backyard to bed down means having to be a lot more cautious about letting your kids run around.  And like I said- there goes my garden!  I don’t think she’ll stay long, but who knows?

Here are the best pictures we could get of the pair… sorry they aren’t better, but they move fast, hide well and we need a better camera!


In front of our house...


In our neighbor's backyard...


I’ll share more pictures if she comes back for a better shot!


PS- Don’t you love the grass?  Hubby takes care of that and it looks great!  And in the top photo, the mama moose is in the creek.  You can see her through the trees just to the left of the slide.



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