Meal Plan Monday- AK (June 21)

15 06 2009


Well the summer solstace has come and gone.  Yesterday the sunrise was 4:17 AM and sunset was 11:44 PM.  Too bad it was such a cloudy day for it, though.  And today doesn’t look any more promising 😦 Makes me feel like it’s fall rather than the middle of summer.  Maybe I should be putting stew and soups on the menu this week!

I didn’t make the halibut yesterday.  We were just so worn out from the day before and got a late start to the day that it was 5:30 before I even thought about fixing dinner.  I pulled a few things from the freezer and unearthed some forgotton packages.  So this week is going to be another freezer cleanout.  Why do I aAlso this week I need to use up some potatoes. 

One thing I need help on is ideas for using up 3# of ground beef that got a little more browned than I wanted it to be.  I didn’t want to waste it so I stuck it in the freezer until I could think of something to make wth it.  I’m thinking maybe of making chili with it.  Has anyone ever successfully masked burnt burger before??

I need to go to the store before I finalize this week’s plan (I know, that’s reverse of how it should be) so here is just a list of my ideas for cleaning out the freezer.  What I’m using out of my freezer/fridge/pantry is highlighted in orange.

Shephard’s pie (beef already cooked, potatoes, mixed veggies)
Lasagna (browned beef and sausage, lasagna noodles, cottage cheese)
Chili over hot dogs

The other days will just be leftovers or I’ll find something quick to make.  I’d probably be able to plan better if my 18mo old wasn’t throwing a tempertantrum for no apparant reason (other than maybe I’m not paying attention to him?) and pulling at my laptop. 

For more ideas and more information on meal planning visit I’m an Org Junkie.

Have a great week!




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22 06 2009

I would think that highly spiced foods would be a great way to use up burnt burger. Chili, spaghetti, tamale pie, sloppy joes, etc. My family probably wouldn’t notice it being a little burnt. I hate to admit to the number of times that I have become slightly distracted and the smoke alarm went off to remind me I was cooking something. Not good.
Thanks for visiting my blog. For the past 7 and 1/2 months I’ve been cooking full meals in my camp trailer. I even bake things sometimes. My family actually asks me to make hot dogs because we never have them! Enjoy your new cabin. Oh, and I know about babies and laptops. My 6 month old ‘helps’ me type all the time.

22 06 2009
Mrs. S (Randi)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

And please, now you have my scared with the birth weight. My first was 9lbs 8oz and was a day early. BUT I think this one will be smaller especially since I’m WAY smaller than I was with Moose. At least htat’s what we’re hoping for.

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