Meal Plan Monday- AK (June 29)

29 06 2009

Menu PlanningThe house is quiet for once.  Oops, I probably just jinxed myself!  Anyway, both boys are napping and I should be working on some cleaning/organizing projects I have going.  But it’s so nice to just sit in the peace and quiet so I decided to work on my meal plan.  Requires less physical labor!

I’ve been very uninspired in the kitchen lately.  Although I did attempt bagels last week.  They’re a bit chewy, but turned out very similar to store bought.  And since they were easy enough I see myself making them again soon.  A friend also taught me how to make spring rolls yesterday- they are a lot easier than I imagined they would be.  So I have had a few new experiences in the kitchen.

This week is a busy week.  July 2nd is our 4th anniversary.  Then Friday we are off to camping for the weekend.  And July 4th!  A favorite holiday when I was a child, not celebrated as much in the past few years.  I think we’re going to “camp” at our cabin.  It’s not moved yet, so we’ll use the camper to sleep in.  But camping on our property kills two birds with one stone- we get the camping experience and don’t waste a weekend that we could be working on getting the cabin moved.

So without further ado… my brilliant meal plan!!

Monday– salmon patties, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday– homemade pizza, salad
Wednesday– pepper steak (Wild Bounty cookbook), rice, broccoli
Thursday– Our anniversary!   Dinner out and maybe a movie?  It’s been so long!
Friday– chili, cornbread
Saturday–  July 4th Cookout: hamburgers/steaks, baked beans, roasted corn on the cob and potatoes, cut up veggies, chips and salsa (red salsa, white and blue chips) and patriotic cupcakes
Sunday– Brunch- mountain man breakfast; Dinner: something easy as I’m sure we will all be tired

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Happy Fourth of July!