A New Little Drawing of Us

30 07 2009

I stumbled across this little stick drawing from a year ago. I have no plans to use it, but I thought it would be worth a giggle to update it.

July 2008:

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

July 2009:

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

Funny how a year changes a lot! Don’t know why I look shorter though.

Shrek Shakes are a Success

29 07 2009

CIMG5984I have heard about Shrek Shakes a few times before, but never thought to really try it. The basic recipe is a cup or so of water, a banana and a few handfuls of spinach. The other day though I had a bunch of lettuce (really? who would have thought?) that I wanted to use up and one banana left. I also had four kids looking for a snack. Well easier to make banana milk shakes than split a banana in four and have it satisfy everyone. So I made green banana shakes- the kids thought it was so good they slurped them down and asked for more. Today I made them again with spinach added (the lettuce makes the color a mint green instead of shrek green). More slurping and better pictures! I have found a new way to get green veggies in the kids. 







If you decide to make this, be prepared and make a double batch!


Basic Wardrobe Help & Giveaway

29 07 2009

I admit, my fashion style has gone downhill since my college days. I don’t know if it’s a dose of reality (nice clothes are crazy expensive!) or being a mom (function & comfort are now non-negotiables!) that have done me in, but I need to make some improvements.

Just as I was mulling over where to start, this cute catalog from DownEast Basics arrived in my mailbox. They have, get this, comfortable and fashionable clothing! My favorite is this School Belle top which reminds me of a retro dress I owned during my more fashionable days that I wore at least once a week. At $26.99, I won’t have to sell my first-born to look chic!

A very adorable School Belle top, photo from DownEast Basics

Their camisoles and basic tees are extra long length. Perfect for preventing mommy-belly flashing. They’re available in an array of colors and simple prints; prices start at $9.99. (Summer colors are on sale from $8.99)

All this sounded good to me, but doing what I do best, I had to search a little further before buying. I’m still not sure if these tops will be breastfeeding-friendly.

Anyhow, in my query, I came across the DownEast Basics blog here. And reading their blog, I found Sweet Life in the Valley is hosting a review and giveaway this week! You can enter here to win the Empress Top and Once Upon a Time Dress. Why should back-to-school wardrobe shopping be just for the kids? Moms need some new stuff too!



PS–Just a disclaimer, this is my own opinion of this company. I have not been in contact with DownEast Basics in any way, shape or form, except for many moons ago when I must have requested a catalog. I haven’t decided what I’m going to buy yet, nor ever tried on any of their clothes, so don’t hold me accountable for any shopping spree this post might inspire. And if you do win over at Sweet Life, you don’t have to thank me. But that would be nice.

Menu Plan AK- July 27

27 07 2009


What a fun weekend we had- camping again but this time we had the company of friends.  Nine adults and two kids altogether.  People floated the river, fished, hiked and hung out around the campfire eating snacks and yummy peach cobbler.  I decided after last year to line the dutch oven with foil before making the cobbler.  Clean up couldn’t have been easier.  And luckily for us it only threatened rain.  Well, it did rain a little, but not even enough for us to sit under the awning for more than 10 min.

Today is rainy and generally yucky out.  Actually, it’s warmer than it looks outside, but the grey skies make me want to curl up under a blanket with a good book.  Kids want me to play though so no books for me.  Oh well, that’s OK.

Menu for this week (still lots of lettuce to be eaten, it’s growing faster than we’re eating it!):

Monday– Brats (because we didn’t eat enough hotdogs this weekend), mashed potatoes and carrots (separate since hubby doesn’t like carrots)
TuesdayChicken soup, homemade bread
Wednesday– Salmon quesadillas
Thursday– Korean beef stirfry
Friday– something shrimp
Saturday– beans and rice with polish sausage
Sunday– sausage gravy and biscuits

To browse other people’s plans for the week visit I’m an Org Junkie.

Have a great week!


Strawberry Man

22 07 2009

strawberries at silvermine 001
Even though he can’t eat them, I think Might Man is content with smelling the strawberry fields.

Meal Plan Monday- July 20

20 07 2009

Last week was a bust as far as meal planning- I had a general idea, but we ended up grabbing dinner more than once. This week I have a better plan so no more last minute staring in the fridge! And I have a trip to the commissary planned so if it comes down to staring in the fridge, at least there will be food there LOL!!

By the way, to any family or friends who have not come to visit us in Alaska- you are missing out. There are just some things words and pictures can not convey.  We had another fun weekend camping, hiking, fishing and just enjoying the weather. We have a big campout planned for this weekend too- in the middle of winter we reserved a coveted Russian River campsite (actually a double site) and are planning on camping with some friends and my father-in-law who will be visiting. I am looking forward to floating the river (two hours in peace sans kids).

Menu Planning

Meals are simple but yummy this week (salads every day as the lettuce is growing without abandon):

Monday– Salmon-rice-broccoli casserole
Tuesday– Lasagna, garlic bread
WednesdayHoney Glazed Lemon Roast Chicken (the picture makes me want to try it this way), mashed potatoes
Thursday– leftovers
Friday– hot dogs, sundried tomato pasta salad (thanks for the idea Laura)
SaturdayWagon Master Stew
Sunday– pizza

More meal plan ideas for this week can be found at I’m an Org Junkie.  Happy eating!


Nutmeg Nanny Giveaway

12 07 2009

Here’s a happy giveaway for all our foodie friends! Nutmeg Nanny is sponsoring a giveaway on Foodie Giveaway for a tasty prize pack with Pancake Mix, Biscuit Mix, Pure Maple Syrup, Gourmet French Vanilla Ground Coffee, Gourmet Maple Ground Coffee and Pure Honey from farms in the NY Hudson Valley. It sounds wonderful! You can enter the giveaway here.

While you’re visiting Nutmeg Nanny, check out her extensive list of recipes—you’ll find lots of yummy ones to try!

Meal Plan Monday- AK

6 07 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  We had such beautiful weather and a relaxing weekend.  It’s impossible lately to get the boys to sleep at night because of the light, but we’re on the way to darker nights so it won’t be long before that trouble is past.  I have to remind myself not to wish away the light at night because that’s just wishing winter to come!

This week the forecast is for relatively hot weather so the menu will be light (mostly because I won’t want to be spending time indoors!)  And we’ll be having salad every day because in the two days we were gone this weekend the garden exploded and we have more lettuce than I thought we’d ever have.

For our anniversary we had a late dinner after a matinee showing of the new Star Trek movie (great movie by the way- worth it to see it on the big screen).  The place we went to had the best pizza crust I’ve ever tasted.  So I’m now on a quest to copy it!  I promise to share the recipe if I ever discover what it is.

Menu PlanningMonday:  burgers, steak fries
Tuesday:  spaghetti, corn, garlic rolls
Wednesday:  grilled salmon, rice
Thursday:  leftovers
Friday:  homemade pizza

Visit Laura at I’m an Org Junkie for more ideas and tips on meal planning.

Have a great week!


Speaking Alaskan

1 07 2009

I found a fun article yesterday that gives the definitions of local terminology.  I had to laugh because when I first moved here I didn’t know what most of the terms stood for, but after only two years I feel like I’ve become “Alaskacized.”  Yesterday the high temperature was 67.  We were almost dying of heat!  I can’t remember now what it was like to enjoy 80 degrees!

Alaska is such a different place that it sometimes feels like I’m living in a different country altogether.  So, if anyone wants to come visit, we’ll teach you the lingo and show you around!

Now I have to get out and enjoy the sunshine before the fireweed blooms and the termination dust shows up!
UPDATE:  a few hours after typing this I drove to the store and noticed the fireweed is starting to bloom- OH NO!!!