Speaking Alaskan

1 07 2009

I found a fun article yesterday that gives the definitions of local terminology.  I had to laugh because when I first moved here I didn’t know what most of the terms stood for, but after only two years I feel like I’ve become “Alaskacized.”  Yesterday the high temperature was 67.  We were almost dying of heat!  I can’t remember now what it was like to enjoy 80 degrees!

Alaska is such a different place that it sometimes feels like I’m living in a different country altogether.  So, if anyone wants to come visit, we’ll teach you the lingo and show you around!

Now I have to get out and enjoy the sunshine before the fireweed blooms and the termination dust shows up!
UPDATE:  a few hours after typing this I drove to the store and noticed the fireweed is starting to bloom- OH NO!!!