Basic Wardrobe Help & Giveaway

29 07 2009

I admit, my fashion style has gone downhill since my college days. I don’t know if it’s a dose of reality (nice clothes are crazy expensive!) or being a mom (function & comfort are now non-negotiables!) that have done me in, but I need to make some improvements.

Just as I was mulling over where to start, this cute catalog from DownEast Basics arrived in my mailbox. They have, get this, comfortable and fashionable clothing! My favorite is this School Belle top which reminds me of a retro dress I owned during my more fashionable days that I wore at least once a week. At $26.99, I won’t have to sell my first-born to look chic!

A very adorable School Belle top, photo from DownEast Basics

Their camisoles and basic tees are extra long length. Perfect for preventing mommy-belly flashing. They’re available in an array of colors and simple prints; prices start at $9.99. (Summer colors are on sale from $8.99)

All this sounded good to me, but doing what I do best, I had to search a little further before buying. I’m still not sure if these tops will be breastfeeding-friendly.

Anyhow, in my query, I came across the DownEast Basics blog here. And reading their blog, I found Sweet Life in the Valley is hosting a review and giveaway this week! You can enter here to win the Empress Top and Once Upon a Time Dress. Why should back-to-school wardrobe shopping be just for the kids? Moms need some new stuff too!



PS–Just a disclaimer, this is my own opinion of this company. I have not been in contact with DownEast Basics in any way, shape or form, except for many moons ago when I must have requested a catalog. I haven’t decided what I’m going to buy yet, nor ever tried on any of their clothes, so don’t hold me accountable for any shopping spree this post might inspire. And if you do win over at Sweet Life, you don’t have to thank me. But that would be nice.



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