Shrek Shakes are a Success

29 07 2009

CIMG5984I have heard about Shrek Shakes a few times before, but never thought to really try it. The basic recipe is a cup or so of water, a banana and a few handfuls of spinach. The other day though I had a bunch of lettuce (really? who would have thought?) that I wanted to use up and one banana left. I also had four kids looking for a snack. Well easier to make banana milk shakes than split a banana in four and have it satisfy everyone. So I made green banana shakes- the kids thought it was so good they slurped them down and asked for more. Today I made them again with spinach added (the lettuce makes the color a mint green instead of shrek green). More slurping and better pictures! I have found a new way to get green veggies in the kids. 







If you decide to make this, be prepared and make a double batch!




2 responses

29 07 2009

I want ingredients of anything I eat before you serve it up, honey. Lettuce shakes, carrot pancakes etcc…ick!

30 07 2009

Your boys are so cute with the curly hair and green moustaches! I’ll have to try these tomorrow!

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