Thrifty Clothing Finds

23 08 2009

august 09 004

While we were travelling back and forth to the north part of the county for our rainy camping expedition, we decided to stop at a large thrift store to poke around. I was impressed by the giant, supermarket size of the store, but a bit disappointed with the prices and the overall quality.

Still, I did find a few things. Somehow I managed to leave behind the giant, framed action poster of Legolas and the deluxe boxed edition of Billy Blanks Tae Bo and only buy clothes. And only clothes for the kids! 

Bean gets a Children’s Place twirly skirt (the most expensive, at $3.99), a green Gap polo, a stripy Circo shirt, and a shirt with a little girl that says “If you think I’m cute, you should see my Aunt!” For Mighty Man there are Gymboree overalls, Little Me jungle shortalls, and an Okie Dokie woodland romper. My total was around $13.

I cursed a little while trying to remove the stapled-on price tags. The staples left behind holes in the Auntie t-shirt (well, it was only $.49) and the Little Me outfit (boo! these were my personal favorite!) Why do they do that? Argh! Maybe I can find a small applique to cover up the damage!

Rainy Days

22 08 2009

august 09 001I’m quite sad that our camping trip with our playgroup friends got rained on. And rained on. And rained on.

We got to the campground on Friday night in time for the lightning show, so we turned around and headed home. We did try and hang around in the area a little to see if it would let up, but after dinner at a nearby pizzeria, the rain was still going strong.

Most of the other families made it out and a few even braved the storm overnight. We drove out to the state park again today to spend an enjoyable afternoon with them. Bean really wanted to go to the lakeside to swim and play ever since we peeked at the beach on our “first attempt” yesterday. Beautiful skies accompanied us on the hour long drive back, but just as we reached the water, the skies turned dark and dumped rain, rain, and, yes, more rain.

Argh! Doesn’t make for many happy campers, especially since this year hasn’t been the greatest camping season in New England and this scenario is “like deja vu all over again!” So home again, home again, with not much to show but a melted cooler of food and a bunch of bug bites.

Bean’s big feet and See Kai Run shoes

21 08 2009

Bean’s feet keep popping out of her sandals so it’s time for some new ones. I just can’t decide what shoes to get her. And how long will her feet stay in the next size?

I’m loving the Sadie Mary Janes over at See Kai Run. I like their tagline too: “Urban footwear for first steps.” Well, Bean is far beyond her first steps, but not beyond adorable footwear! And they have the sweetest shoes for boys too which are very tempting as Mighty Man has hardly any hand-me-downs in the shoe department.

Through September 1st, you can win 10 pairs of new shoes from the See Kai Run. The entry is on their website. You can also win any pair of your choice from their collection at the Veater Family blog through August 25th. Enter here. Hurray for cute shoes! 

Bei Bambini

18 08 2009

I’ve always loved the word “bambini,”  so naturally I was extra excited to discover the retailer Bei Bambini. They have beautiful, adorably styled children’s clothing. I’m in love!

Bei Bambini is sponsoring a giveaway at Shopaholic Mommy. One lucky reader (or, should I say, lucky child!) will win an amazing gift basket of boys’ clothing with a retail value of over $700. Mighty Man would look super sweet in these clothes!

Visit Shopaholic Mommy and take a chance to win the gift basket here before Sep. 28.  

No post Monday

17 08 2009

Just wanted to say “Hi.” My brain is being pulled in too many directions and I can’t think of even one of the millions of things I wanted to say. Mighty Man has finally fallen asleep, chewing on his onesie. It’s pretty cute, but I’m pretty tired, so we won’t dwell on that. Goodnite!

Preschooler Schedule Cards — WFMW

12 08 2009

wfmwbannerKRISTENEvery night seems to bring arguments over staying up late, where to sleep, how many stories, etc. etc. etc, with our preschooler. So Daddy has come up with Bean’s bedtime contract. It started out as a verbal contract where Daddy would outline everything that was to happen from brushing teeth to getting in bed. 
A few nights later, he wrote a bunch of the steps on pieces of paper and, after going over the list, he handed them to her one at a time as each step was beginning. Worked lovely!
We extended the idea to make these more permanent cards:aug 2009 001

Bean helped color the index cards with a the words and illustrations. This card is the final “bedtime” that shows Bean and her lambie and bear friends about to get into her bed. (See the storage containers underneath?) A little bit of contact paper strengthens the card and makes it less susceptible to being chewed on by her little brother too!
I plan to make more schedule cards for Bean as we get started with a few homeschooling activities this fall. It’ll be good help with word recongition too. And maybe then she’ll actually eat lunch at lunchtime!

Thanks for the idea, Daddy! Find other Works For Me Wednesday ideas at We Are That Family blog.

Meal Plan Monday in MA

3 08 2009

greenmpmI love the tastes of summer, but I don’t think my waist will forgive many more hotdogs! I’m also trying to get by without another grocery run this week. Here’s what I’m thinking of for dinners:

Monday: Ham & Sweet Potato Kabobs (from Taste of Home mag)

Tuesday: Spinach Frittata

Wednesday: Split Pea Soup & cheese sandwiches (add peas & broth with leftover ham to crockpot)

Thursday: Lots of Leftovers

Friday: Something Fishy 🙂 (will defrost salmon from freezer)

Saturday: Jambalya (still trying to develop my recipe, any suggestions?)

Sunday: Saucy Pasta

Spice up your meal plan with ideas at the Happy Housewife ! (guest hosting for I’m an Organizing Junkie this week)

Julie’s party

1 08 2009

julie birthday 009In our house, we celebrate a lot of birthdays. Bean’s dolls and stuffed animals must each be at least 50 years old by now for all the birthdays she’s hosted for them. Surprise, it was little dolly Julie’s birthday again this week! Bean was not satisfied with serving up pretend cake, but I was not going to cave to baking her cupcakes! julie birthday 001Our compromise was to create handmade chocolates for Julie. We used two colors of candy coating leftover from Easter. To make them extra special, we added a little bite of a chocolate bar between the two layers. Eh, viola! A spectacular birthday surprise for Julie!