Preschooler Schedule Cards — WFMW

12 08 2009

wfmwbannerKRISTENEvery night seems to bring arguments over staying up late, where to sleep, how many stories, etc. etc. etc, with our preschooler. So Daddy has come up with Bean’s bedtime contract. It started out as a verbal contract where Daddy would outline everything that was to happen from brushing teeth to getting in bed. 
A few nights later, he wrote a bunch of the steps on pieces of paper and, after going over the list, he handed them to her one at a time as each step was beginning. Worked lovely!
We extended the idea to make these more permanent cards:aug 2009 001

Bean helped color the index cards with a the words and illustrations. This card is the final “bedtime” that shows Bean and her lambie and bear friends about to get into her bed. (See the storage containers underneath?) A little bit of contact paper strengthens the card and makes it less susceptible to being chewed on by her little brother too!
I plan to make more schedule cards for Bean as we get started with a few homeschooling activities this fall. It’ll be good help with word recongition too. And maybe then she’ll actually eat lunch at lunchtime!

Thanks for the idea, Daddy! Find other Works For Me Wednesday ideas at We Are That Family blog.