Bean’s big feet and See Kai Run shoes

21 08 2009

Bean’s feet keep popping out of her sandals so it’s time for some new ones. I just can’t decide what shoes to get her. And how long will her feet stay in the next size?

I’m loving the Sadie Mary Janes over at See Kai Run. I like their tagline too: “Urban footwear for first steps.” Well, Bean is far beyond her first steps, but not beyond adorable footwear! And they have the sweetest shoes for boys too which are very tempting as Mighty Man has hardly any hand-me-downs in the shoe department.

Through September 1st, you can win 10 pairs of new shoes from the See Kai Run. The entry is on their website. You can also win any pair of your choice from their collection at the Veater Family blog through August 25th. Enter here. Hurray for cute shoes!