Thrifty Clothing Finds

23 08 2009

august 09 004

While we were travelling back and forth to the north part of the county for our rainy camping expedition, we decided to stop at a large thrift store to poke around. I was impressed by the giant, supermarket size of the store, but a bit disappointed with the prices and the overall quality.

Still, I did find a few things. Somehow I managed to leave behind the giant, framed action poster of Legolas and the deluxe boxed edition of Billy Blanks Tae Bo and only buy clothes. And only clothes for the kids! 

Bean gets a Children’s Place twirly skirt (the most expensive, at $3.99), a green Gap polo, a stripy Circo shirt, and a shirt with a little girl that says “If you think I’m cute, you should see my Aunt!” For Mighty Man there are Gymboree overalls, Little Me jungle shortalls, and an Okie Dokie woodland romper. My total was around $13.

I cursed a little while trying to remove the stapled-on price tags. The staples left behind holes in the Auntie t-shirt (well, it was only $.49) and the Little Me outfit (boo! these were my personal favorite!) Why do they do that? Argh! Maybe I can find a small applique to cover up the damage!



2 responses

29 08 2009

I love those shirts that say, “If you think I’m cute, you should see my Aunt!” Too cute.


30 08 2009

I love those shirts too, considering I’m the aunt- unless you’re talking about a different aunt, who is also cute!!

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