Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

1 09 2009

mpmpencilNot having access to a car during the day has made it very hard to get to the store for the past three weeks.  I am thankful my father in law is here helping us get a lot of work done on our house and cabin, but it was getting a little hard to be creative with a dwindling pantry.  Here are some of the meals I came up with.  Not too bad- just goes to show with a little creativity you can avoid having rice and beans all week!

steak and eggs, soft pretzels, browniesWe still had some moose backstrap in the freezer.  I sliced it, dredged in seasoned flour and pan fried in little olive oil; we had 5 eggs left so I made 4 sunny side up; soft pretzels are suprizingly easy to make from scratch, as are brownies

leftover polish sausage and hotdogs, creamed spinach, rosemary roasted potatoes:  creamed spinach is also easy to make… click here for the recipe I followed; there were about 6  potatoes left that were starting to go soft so I peeled and diced them, tossed them with olive oil and a few spices (including rosemary) and roasted at 350 for about 25 min

whole wheat spaghetti with broccoli cheese saucemade a basic white sauce and added cheese and some frozen broccoli… served over 1/3 package of whole wheat spaghetti

chicken and stars soup: found some homemade chicken broth (complete with chunks of chicken) in the back of the freezer, to this I added a few handfuls of leftover corn, peas, and some tiny star pasta

blueberry pancakes: frozen blueberries and premade pancake mix (we got 10lb for $5 at the discount store a few months ago).  These inspired us to go blueberry picking however when we got up far enough to find some it started raining.  We came back with almost enough for a pie.  Thankfully I have some frozen blueberries left so I can fill it.

I had enough success with this week I was almost tempted not to shop another week, but I didn’t- I hit the store to stock up a little Sunday afternoon.  I was surprized I only spent about $100 considering I felt like we’re out of everything. 

And now, since you’re still reading I’ll share the plan for this week.  And as always you can find hundreds of ideas for your meal plans at I’m an Org Junkie.

Monday: ate at the State Fair
Tuesday: halibut, broccoli and maybe blueberry pie!
Wednesday: beef stroganoff (crockpot), salad
Thursday: chili, cornbread
Friday: homemade pizza
Saturday: eat out (father in law’s last day visiting)
Sunday: leftovers

Have a great week!