Is it September or December?

6 09 2009

The weather starts turning a bit chillier and my thoughts automatically jump to Christmastime. Well, I’ve already begun a little crafting in hopes of restocking our Etsy store and hanging out at few craft fairs this year. But what about the family? I can’t really give them any of my unsold crafts, since they’ll thinkĀ  they’re getting “seconds” even though I put lots of love and time into each and every item! Not sure how many ideas Jennifer & I can share here, since some of our family members sneak around and visit us here every once in awhile. But we will be showing off our new ideas as the months turn into days before Christmas.

24/7 Moms are already thinking about December on their blog too. They offer a few suggestions for planning ahead to make your own Christmas gifts.

Allrecipes has a collection of make-your-own food gifts too, like this recipe for homemade Limoncello. Yum! There’s also this recipe for Friendship Soup Mix in a Jar. Sounds good, as long as it doesn’t multiply like the friendship bread starters.

Are you thinking about December already too?