Food goes stylish

10 09 2009

May 2009 006Flipping through channels today, I saw part of the Food Network’s Challenge Something Long Title Food Styling Event. It seemed like a foo-foo sport, and their location on the beach didn’t help the seriousness much either. But, I was intrigued!

Later this evening, I stumbled on this photo in one of my folders. It doesn’t look that great, but I’m quite proud of my little food styling techniques and just wanted to share my little fan of snap peas and a mound of rice with you. Enjoy!



One response

14 09 2009

I’ve been thinking of presentation ideas to help my kids want to eat more (more of the good for you stuff that is- they have no problem eating lots of not so great for you stuff). The other day I had spatzel on my plate and offered it as “noodles” to my little one- he’d have nothing to do with it. A few minutes later I offered him another spoonful, this time calling it eggs. He ate it up! Sometimes it’s all in the name!

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