Meal Plan Monday in MA

13 09 2009

Today I’m planning out a week+ of dinners with some inspiration from some borrowed cookbooks. I hosted a little lending-library cookbook playdate for our playgroup. A few of us love reading new cookbooks, so it worked out well. Everyone who came brought some cookbooks and cooking magazines and went home with new ones. I have a few tasty-sounding recipes from those books I borrowed. So here is my plan with my thinking-aloud notes!

Monday: Cassoulet Quickly (from The Working Parents Cookbook)

I just love the way the word “cassoulet” rolls off the tongue; cah-sue-lay, ka-soooooo-lay, caaaaa-soo—okay, enough! I haven’t had a decent cassoulet since a random visit to the home of the aunt of an acquaintance when I lived in Lyon. I’m not trying to recreate an authentic cassoulet and I’ll probably be using a combination of chicken sausage and breakfast sausage from the freezer. I also adore the accompanying illustration in the cookbook that shows a bunch of smiling beans doing the backstroke in a casserole dish.

Tuesday: Homemade Spaghetti-O’s

I found these ring-noodles from Ronzoni on sale last week and thought they’d make fun spaghetti-o’s without all the sodium & MSG. I had never seen this dry pasta shape sold before and, funny thing is, I can’t find them on their website! But, Ronzoni is hosting a contest to win free groceries for a year, so enter here!

Wednesday: Navy Bean & Bacon Chowder (Fix-it & Forget It Entertaining Cookbook)

Okay, no story for this recipe. It just sounded easy to make and who can complain about eating more beans when there’s bacon involved?

Thursday: Highly Secretive Chicken Recipe Trial #2 for the Taste of Home Chicken Champs Cooking Contest

I could tell you what I’m making, but then it wouldn’t be a secret! I’m trying to create a recipe from the memory of a meal we had with friends over 5 years ago. It seems like I’m on the right track. I just need to clarify a few ingredients and quantities.

Friday: American Salad Nicoise (from The Working Parents Cookbook)

Bean’s favorite jingle is from the Bumblee Bee Tuna commerical on the radio. She sings along every time it plays! And I loved the picture next to this recipe: An olive, a potato, and a bean fishing for tuna. It isn’t called “American” in the cookbook but I added that since I’m going to sub regular yellow mustard for the dijon in the house vinagrette or hubby won’t touch it.Or maybe I’ll just use some caesar dressing from the fridge.

Saturday & Sunday: Leftovers
Need to take a break from meal-making and maybe go out to a festival or apple picking…

Monday: Creole Black Beans (Fix-it & Forget It Entertaining Cookbook)

Well, not sure if I can call it creole because by the time I finish subbing out some of the ingredients, it will surely be something else. I have the beans, but I think I’ll cube some beef instead of using smoked sausage since that’s what’s in the freezer. I think it’ll still be tasty served over rice.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Sammies and Leftovers
Going to leave the fridge empty while we go camping for the weekend. Hurray for yurts!

For more meal plans and lots of dinner ideas, go to I’m an Organizing Junkie.



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