Personalizing Bean’s Totes

19 09 2009

tote 2Bean loves carrying things around in bags, so I bought a package of small, colorful tote bags at the craft store to make some Christmas gifts for her.  But, she didn’t forget about seeing me purchase them and I couldn’t wait to try out some ideas, so we’ve already made two together. Maybe I’ll get some of my cloth bags back from her now!

The blue one has a iron-on from Simplicity and a twill black ribbon which I ironed on with stitch witchery. The felt pieces on the yellow bag were cut out freehand from scraps. They were too thick to iron-on, so Bean helped me glue them on and I’m slowly finishing sewing the edges down. It’s a picture of her in a leotard (although she calls the girl Maisy) with Maisy’s Panda sitting on the balance beam (it was going to be Little Black Cat, but I couldn’t find a visual reference). They’re playing with the bouncy balls and the purple slide/beam/cheese/scrap that Bean found. She couldn’t decide what to call it, but insisted that it be part of the design! Bean also didn’t want the little girl to have a smile on her face. She’s saying “ta-da” with her arms in the air, so she must be happy!tote 1

Insert plug here: If you’re looking for a handmade, personalized gift for your super star, I’d be happy to help! Email me or convo through Etsy with your ideas and I’ll send you a quote. I could also put together a kit for you to assemble together…