Tony Lama Boots Giveaway; Hurray for Boots!

2 10 2009

I know I’ve already been pining over shoes today, but here’s some that will fit us! They are Tony Lama‘s very stylish and comfortable boots. Yes, they come with orthotic inserts for mom’s tired feet! Are your feet longing for a pair like mine are? Well, you could win a gift certificate to use toward any pair of Tony Lama boots from their Stars collection over at Travelling with Baby here. Good luck!

Side note to Jen: Just got the peanut to fall asleep and Bean’s involved in an art project, so I’ll talk about shoes rather than what we’re up to, which is not anything exciting.

Family Update

2 10 2009

I have been chided by my husband that my posting has been all but nil in the last few weeks so I am writing a quick update for those who have also noticed my lack of posts.

We are currently enjoying a lovely fall here in Alaska. Termination dust showed up on the mountains about two weeks ago and we’ve been seeing frost every morning, but the past few days have been so beautiful (the sky was a blue I’ve never seen it before) that I don’t really mind. It’s hard to believe another summer has come and gone.

My garden did not produce this year. Except for lettuce- LOL! A few carrots, a few handfuls of snow peas, about 10 raspberries and maybe a meal’s worth of broccoli. That’s about it. Oh, I forgot, we did get rhubarb and about 3 cups of cranberries. Those are the things I didn’t plant! I’ve started cleaning up the garden beds and am starting to dream about next year’s garden already.

Now that winter is here hubby won’t be hunting as much so maybe I’ll be able to get out and do some things for myself. I am currently working on a few sewing projects which are providing a great learning experience. I have discovered the wonderful things that presser feet can accomplish. The only problem is that all the fancy feet I have for my machine are high shank and I need low shank. I have one local store that may have what I need (of course it has to be on the other side of town). Otherwise I’ll have to wait to order them online.

Totally off topic- Thank you Colleen for the package you sent! The coffee is great! Especially on a cold dark morning!

Now that I’ve started typing there are tons of things I could update you all on, but Caillou is almost over so I have to wrap this up.

One last thing I want to say is that I’ve finally joined the technological bandwagon and signed up for facebook. I’m kind of sorry I did because I can see this as a big time waster. I already don’t have time to keep up with the activities I have, let alone renew friendships of people I haven’t seen or heard from in over 10 years. I received a newsletter in my inbox this morning that pretty much sums up how I feel about it. {I can’t find a link so I’ll have to paraphrase- basically it talks about how the quantity of communication has increased while the quality has decreased.} It will be nice to hear what everyone is up to, but at the same time, why on earth would anybody post that they have three loads of laundry to do this evening before they sit down to watch the new episode of {insert your favorite show here}? Come on people… who doesn’t have some chore that isn’t done?

And that is pretty much why I haven’t posted much lately. Colleen finds great giveaways and cute craft projects to share. I have been doing laundry and picking up toys and keeping my toddlers from killing themselves (they love jumping off things and running with pointy objects).

I promise when this particular toddler phase is over I will have a lot more to share. Until then enjoy my sister’s brilliant ideas!  I have some laundry I need to get done…


Bibi & Mimi Shoes

2 10 2009

I love cute little baby shoes! Bibi & Mimi is another shop that makes adorable footwear for the wee ones. Mighty Man could really use a pair of shoes that aren’t pink and girly! Don’t you think these taxi cabs shoes are fun? If you agree, run over to Mommies Angels and enter her giveaway for your own pair of Bibi & Mimi shoes here. (Ok, so they won’t fit you, but you’ll get to see them on your little guy or gal, so good luck picking your favorite!)