Meal Plan Monday: AK

1 11 2009

Well, last week was a bust as far as sticking to my meal plan!  I made the beans and rice on Tuesday and pretty much ate them all week.  Thankfully they were yummy LOL!  Friday night we went to a Halloween party at the armory (pizza- but they didn’t have a lot so we ended up eating more rice and beans!) and Saturday the kids had salmon quesadillas (shaped like pumpkins) and we ate at a friend’s house.  By tonight I was so tired I just made some turkey ala king (a variation on this recipe).  It turned out so yummy!  But now I have practically an entire week planned for me 🙂

Monday- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday- Mexican Stroganoff (oamc)
Wednesday- salmon patties (already in the freezer)
Thursday- Chili Verde using turkey (oamc)
Friday- Chicken Nuggets (oamc)
Saturday- Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza (oamc)
Sunday- TBD- hubby’s birthday and he’s thinking about his request (BTW- you have until Thursday morning so I can hit the store if I need to)

I hope everyone has a great week planned!  For more meal planning ideas be sure to pop over to Laura’s blog I’m an Org Junkie