Meal Plan Monday: AK

1 11 2009

Well, last week was a bust as far as sticking to my meal plan!  I made the beans and rice on Tuesday and pretty much ate them all week.  Thankfully they were yummy LOL!  Friday night we went to a Halloween party at the armory (pizza- but they didn’t have a lot so we ended up eating more rice and beans!) and Saturday the kids had salmon quesadillas (shaped like pumpkins) and we ate at a friend’s house.  By tonight I was so tired I just made some turkey ala king (a variation on this recipe).  It turned out so yummy!  But now I have practically an entire week planned for me 🙂

Monday- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday- Mexican Stroganoff (oamc)
Wednesday- salmon patties (already in the freezer)
Thursday- Chili Verde using turkey (oamc)
Friday- Chicken Nuggets (oamc)
Saturday- Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza (oamc)
Sunday- TBD- hubby’s birthday and he’s thinking about his request (BTW- you have until Thursday morning so I can hit the store if I need to)

I hope everyone has a great week planned!  For more meal planning ideas be sure to pop over to Laura’s blog I’m an Org Junkie




One response

2 11 2009

Your meal plan inspires me to go back to writing up my own. Haven’t been able to function well with choppy sleep. Btw, can we leave suggestions for the birthday meal?

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