Yum, Butter

13 11 2009

Yum, butter!  I can’t believe I’m writing a post about butter, but I’ve just discovered the wonderful world of making your own spreadable butter…

While I certainly don’t use as much butter as Paula Deen or Julia Child, I am a fan of the “real stuff” versus margarine.  I know it costs more, but to me it seems much better for you than using margarine (something my mother has said since I was a kid).  I’ve been reluctant to try the spreadable butter mainly because of cost, but broke down the other week and bought some.  And although hubby will tell you he can’t tell the difference, it was so much better to me than the spreads we normally buy that I’m almost willing to shell out the extra bucks.  But as I discovered today, you can make your own spreadable butter for about half the cost.  And use olive oil instead of canola and that makes it all that much better!  It’s not hard, doesn’t take too much time, and will help you make grilled cheese sandwiches a heck of a lot faster (no spreading hard butter or waiting until it softens).

Two other tips about butter:
–  If you saute using butter, start with room temperature so it doesn’t scorch before it’s all melted.
– Buy butter on sale and freeze, this cuts down on costs even more.

Just another thing added to my “make it yourself” list!