Roly-Poly Turkey Craft

20 11 2009

Thanksgiving is not complete without a rafter of turkeys. Here’s our little craft made with recycled materials from around the house.

The body is an empty spool of ribbon covered with construction paper. The back feathers are coffee filters that were for a smaller coffee maker that we no longer have. The wings, beak, and heart are cut from felt scraps while the pipe cleaner legs have been kicking around my craft box forever. Of course, I always have googly eyes in my stash! A bit of glue to hold everything together and a string to hang him up, and he’s finished. If you bend the legs forward, he will even sit on the table because of the width of the spool.

After helping me, Bean made her own, all by herself. Not sure where the wings went, but she managed to draw his beak on!



2 responses

21 11 2009

I don’t know how you have the patience to do these with kids! Toby drove me crazy with the glue, and not listening. I *don’t* want the craft perfect, but I don’t want the entire bottle of glue used, either!
Do you use a glue stick with felt? It didn’t seem to want to stick.

Thanks for the craft idea and material to make one. Happy Turkey Day!

26 11 2009

We didn’t do many (any) Thanksgiving crafts this year. But this is so cute! And creative! I’m going to start keeping a box in my sewing room of recyclables that the kids can craft with.

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