Menu Plan Monday- AK

5 01 2010


It is a cold dark morning as I write this and all I want to plan for the week is macaroni and cheese and Christmas cookies!!!  Well, some pie might be OK too.  But in the spirit of the new year and because I have to wear a bathing suit in less than a month, I will plan somewhat healthier meals. Be sure to check out I’m an Org Junkie for more meal plans and some organizing ideas to help you with all your new year’s resolutions!

Monday:  Fred Meyer fried chicken (I know, not healthy, but it’s pretty expensive here so when there’s a sale we indulge!)
Tuesday:  tacos, cornbread
Wednesday:  chicken barley soup, fresh bread (or cornbread depending on time)
Thursday: chicken curry, rice
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: stew
Sunday: halibut, edamame rice

Now on to taxes!  My resolution this year is not to be the person in line at the post office at 8PM April 15th!  (I’m not that bad, but my goal is to be done by March.)

Have a great day and Happy New Year!!