JustJen Custom Shirts

21 01 2010

When I saw a Blog of Goodies challenging bloggers to design a shirt from JustJen.com it reminded me of my sister, Jen. (Apologies to my other sister, but I do think of you every time I pass a Claire’s accessories store and I’ll design a shirt for you next time.)

JustJen.com makes custom rhinestone t-shirts and clothing. So I put together this idea I have if I made her a customized t-shirt:

Ok, picture a cute little black polo shirt. There’s 10 other shirt styles to choose from, but I’m partial to the polo and I think Jen would be too. On the front, Genuine Swarovski Crystal rhinestones in a “volcano” purple-y color in cursive writing declare Jen to be “Most Fabulous Mom,” for, indeed she is! And if the text fails to express the message, a little crystal star in a Tanzanite light purple won’t be easy to miss. My first choice was to put a martini glass image rather than the star, but that might send the wrong message. I’m also not sure about wearing “surround sound” rhinestone, but I thought it would be fun to add “Queen of everything” on the backside. Well, why not: a girl can never have enough bling!

Or maybe we can both get coordinated shirts like these, but I don’t understand; why doesn’t the middle sister get extra sparkles too?

Please note: Images are courtesy of JustJen.com. I have written this post as an entry into the Just Jen $100 GC Blogging Contest hosted on ABlogOfGoodies.com. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.  Thanks!

Pumpkin Bread

21 01 2010

I’ve been thinking about making some pumpkin bread, but can’t find my regular recipe. In trying to

find a new one, I discovered this one on allrecipes for Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread.

Not sure what make Maine pumpkin bread better than other versions, but 3,375 people have reviewed the recipe and it still stands strong at 5 stars. I’m almost afraid to try it. I would be crushed if I had to disagree with so many people!