Intelligent video conversations at Say It Face To Face

26 01 2010

Janet and Susan at 5 Minutes for Mom posted an invitation on their blog to “Vlog and connect with us at Say It Face To Face” The concept sayitfacetoface.combehind Say It is great, because you really do connect better with people when you can see them face-t0-face and have “intelligent conversations.” But, I’m finding the amount of time it takes to upload to youtube frustrating and I can’t get the direct record to work. And the lighting in my little computer space is terrible. And the audio never seems to match my moving lips. Alright, enough excuses; I’ll try to experiment and make the most of this fascinating resource.

I’d be thrilled if you answer my first vlog question about the condiments lurking in your fridge here.



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29 01 2010
Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

Hi Colleen,

Thank you so much for joining us at Say It Face To Face!

I completely hear your frustrations with YouTube… I am soooooo frustrated myself. The Quick Capture on YouTube seems to be very flaky and often gets the video and audio out of sync.

It is a known issue for YouTube and I guess it must be a difficult thing for them to solved b/c they’ve known about it for a long time, but haven’t fixed it yet. It drives me nuts b/c the quick capture makes it so quick and easy to upload, but then it is often out of sync.

One approach is to just not worry that the video and audio are out of sync… especially on video replies. Everyone knows it’s just that YouTube has put it out of sync and people still get your message.

The other approach is to record your video conversation starter and replies separately and then upload them to YouTube and link it up on Say It Face To Face. That gets you the best results but does take time.

What I tend to do is record a few replies and starters at once then upload them all in a batch to YouTube, come back a little while later when they are all processed and link them up.

It would be much nicer if YouTube got the Quick Capture bug fixed and we’re hoping they do so soon.

We appreciate you taking that extra effort to upload the videos to YouTube and I believe the payoffs in relationship building are very much worth that extra bit of time.

We’re always interested in feedback and ideas and would love to hear more from you.

I loved your condiment question… so fun!

Talk soon

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