Muffin Tin Monday: Orange!

22 02 2010

The color orange is the theme of this week’s Muffin Tin Monday. There aren’t many orangey-colored snacks in our house, but I made some tiny carrot sticks and added some goldfish crackers, and shredded cheddar. The dip is a bit of cream cheese mixed with a packet of true orange, a bit of honey, some water to soften it up, and orange sprinkles (since it didn’t seem orange enough…)

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup OverflowethWell, according to Bean, the cheese is yellow, the fish crackers are gold, and the dip is white. Nevertheless, she did eat it all up. We’ll see what she thinks of yellow and green muffin tins later in March!

There’s lots more Muffin Tin Monday and Muffin Tin Meals at Muffin Tin Mom.

Speaking of food, you can also visit the  “WHAT’S IN YOUR CROCKPOT?” party at Smockity Frocks.



7 responses

22 02 2010

it all looks orange to me. love it!

22 02 2010
Ross family

The dip sounds kind of yummy!

23 02 2010

Looks like a yummy tin! The orange dip sounds intriguing!

23 02 2010
JDaniel4's Mom

I am glad she was willing to eat non-orange foods.

23 02 2010

Yummy snacks. Dip sounds good!

23 02 2010
JDaniel4's Mom

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

23 02 2010
Angie @ Many Little Blessings

Super cute lunch! The “color corrections” were funny. 😉 It’s hard to find orange foods.

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