Challenge Day 4 – meal costs per serving

23 06 2010

Much like sporting events get rehashed and analyzed long after they’ve ended, I’ll be adding some recipes, cost-breakdowns, and general commentary as our family follows the All You Grocery Challenge. Today, we have a $ per serving analysis of the first few days.

Sunday$0 per serving (leftovers and freezer relics)

Monday$0 per serving (ditto)

Tuesday—  $1.16 per serving for Turkey or Hamburgers and Peasy Pasta Salad, with green salad

The turkey burgers cost $.61/each. Hamburgers were bought at BJ’s, 18 for $9.99.
2 turkey burgers + 2 hamburgers = $2.33
Burger buns =  $.50 (accounting only for the 1/2 stick of butter, but not the cost of flour & yeast)
Pasta Salad = $1.80 (1/2 lb pasta mixed with 1/2 package of frozen peas, mayo, chopped pickles, dill and cubed cheddar)

Wednesday—  $1.38 per serving for Hawaaian Pork Chops, Cut Green Beans, and Pineapple

Pork Chop packages were on sale this week B1G1. I marinated the chops in a McCormicks’ spice mix that I got free after sale & coupon. The beans and pineapple were from the pantry, but I figured the cost into the serving price as $1 per can.

Planning to go to the grocery store tomorrow, since we’re out of fresh fruit, yogurt, and milk! Plenty of $ in the budget to shop, but I still have to get some picnic food for the weekend adventures, so it might go fast if I’m not careful.

Grocery Challenge: Start of Week 1

22 06 2010

After a short break, I’m back with a little frugal culinary adventure. I’m participating in the All You Grocery Challenge to spend no more than $25 per person, per week, and still fix healthy, yummy meals. I hope the challenge will help me improve my meal-planning skills and give me a chance to hone my supermarket saving skills. It’s the third day of week one, and we’re off to a slow start, but doing well!

Here’s the tentative meal plan for the week:

Breakfast: cereal, fiber bars and yogurt that we have in the house both from stockpile sales and BJ’s. (Love BJ’s wholesale club since you can use coupons on their products too)

Lunch: Leftovers (will plan this better next week to “healthify” the options)

Sunday–Chicken & Rice (Added a box of rice from the pantry to chopped cooked chicken breast from the freezer, and a bit of leftover spaghetti sauce and cheese from the fridge.)

Monday–Leftovers from the weekend (had some takeout from Wright’s Chicken Farm for Father’s Day too)

Tuesday–Hamburgers (in freezer) & turkey burgers, mesclun salad from the garden, Vanessa’s burger buns (dough is resting in the fridge right now!)

Wednesday–Mustard Glazed Pork Chops, peas from freezer, salad from garden

Thursday–American Chop Suey (use leftover burgers from Tues), salad from the garden, canned pineapple from the pantry 

Friday–Pizza (homemade crust, will have to get some toppings later this week, or just make it cheese & broccoli)

Saturday–Hotdogs (from the freezer) and baked beans, salad from garden (have you noticed this salad is growing out of control?)

Grocery Trip Details:

Spent $26.20 on Monday evening to buy:
2.5 lbs pork ribs (B1G1 package)—Freeze for later
3 lbs boneless pork chops (B1G1 package)—Freeze 1/2, other for Wed. dinner
1 lb plainville turkey burgers (Used $5/$15 meat purchase Q)–for Tues nite
2 doz Eggland’s best eggs ($1.50 each after $.50/1 Q doubled)
steak sauce (free at PC this week!)
2 Cans of Goya Beans ($.65/each)
Can Spaghetti Sauce ($1)
2 frozen 100% juice concentrates
Store brand BBQ Sauce ($.25 after i-save coupon)
3-lb box Elbow Mac ($1.77)
2 8-oz packages Shredded Cheese (2/$3)
Green Pepper ($.77)

Week 1 Budget Remaining: $73.80

Need to go buy some more fruit and bread for PB&Js, since Bean isn’t digging chicken leftovers for lunch.