Challenge Day 4 – meal costs per serving

23 06 2010

Much like sporting events get rehashed and analyzed long after they’ve ended, I’ll be adding some recipes, cost-breakdowns, and general commentary as our family follows the All You Grocery Challenge. Today, we have a $ per serving analysis of the first few days.

Sunday$0 per serving (leftovers and freezer relics)

Monday$0 per serving (ditto)

Tuesday—  $1.16 per serving for Turkey or Hamburgers and Peasy Pasta Salad, with green salad

The turkey burgers cost $.61/each. Hamburgers were bought at BJ’s, 18 for $9.99.
2 turkey burgers + 2 hamburgers = $2.33
Burger buns =  $.50 (accounting only for the 1/2 stick of butter, but not the cost of flour & yeast)
Pasta Salad = $1.80 (1/2 lb pasta mixed with 1/2 package of frozen peas, mayo, chopped pickles, dill and cubed cheddar)

Wednesday—  $1.38 per serving for Hawaaian Pork Chops, Cut Green Beans, and Pineapple

Pork Chop packages were on sale this week B1G1. I marinated the chops in a McCormicks’ spice mix that I got free after sale & coupon. The beans and pineapple were from the pantry, but I figured the cost into the serving price as $1 per can.

Planning to go to the grocery store tomorrow, since we’re out of fresh fruit, yogurt, and milk! Plenty of $ in the budget to shop, but I still have to get some picnic food for the weekend adventures, so it might go fast if I’m not careful.



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