Hot Mama Gowns

30 10 2010

With all the cute little things we buy new babies, we don’t stop to think about pretty things for mommas too. How about “The Hot Mama Alternative to the Generic Hospital Gown?” Hot Mama Gowns are beautiful and functional! (A perfect characteristic combination!) I particularly like the sunny yellow fabric of the LeAnn Gown. What a difference from the traditional dull cover-ups that hospitals give you.

Hurry, this weekend you can enter to win A Hot Mama Gown with the matching swaddling blanket on the Hot Mama blog here!

Halloween Cupcakes

28 10 2010

Our Moms and Tots playgroup at church was in charge of bringing cupcakes for the cupcake walk to the Halloween party this year.  I invited people over to decorate today.  Here are some photos of the results…

Everyone thinks I am so creative when in reality I’m just a good copier. Shhh… don’t tell anyone!!

Websites I used for inspiration

Hope these inspire you to be creative too!


A Cowboy Pirate?

27 10 2010


As Bean insists that Mighty Man also dress up as a pirate this year, I’m scrambling to put some piratical accessories together for him. A few pieces of felt and some quick stiching yielded this hat. Not sure if it can pass as a pirate hat though… Any suggestions?


My Bump GC giveaway @Emily’s Latest

27 10 2010

There’s certainly a wonderful selection of maternity and nursing related items at my bump maternity, a shop I discovered through the review at Emily’s Latest. I really like the Organic Hoody that they carry. It’s made by Momzelle, a Canadian company, and is perfect for nursing a newborn!  Emily's Latest

You can enter Emily’s Latest giveaway here for the chance to win a $25 gift card to my bump maternity. (Ends 11/7)


Zutano GC giveaway at One Savvy Mom

23 10 2010

If you’ve seen Zutano children’s clothing, you know how much they love color and patterns. One of my favorite items is the infant cap. Bean had a red striped one when she was younger that she loved to wear.  I’m also smitten with their new “Forest Fun” print which involves, as Zutano describes, “A friendly moose, squirrel, and happy rabbit have fun exploring nature in a forest of pine full of natural wonders.” Very sweet!

You can enter to win a $75 gift card at One Savvy Mom here through 10/30. If you’ve missed the deadline, check out Zutano on their Facebook page since they have weekly Friday giveaways too.

More fun at One Savvy Mom:

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Bean Makes Dinner

22 10 2010

here we go...

a half hour later…

An hour later!?!


Bean was very proud of her designs that she made out of her cheese. She asked “Aren’t these patterns precious?”

Next time she prepares dinner all by herself, we’ll start a little earlier!


Bird Nests

17 10 2010

Just a few pictures from August…Bean making a bird nest at a nearby state park event while Mighty Man chows down.

Milan Maternity giveaway at J. Leigh Designz

16 10 2010

Alright, speaking of clothing today, I saw the Milan Maternity store and instantly loved this dress:

Perfect for any stage of pregnancy, and it is also designed to be a nursing dress! How great is that?
Well, if you’re looking for a fashionable pregnancy/breastfeeding-mommyhood too, visit J. Leigh Designz to enter the $75 gift certificate giveaway to buy your favorite items from Milan Maternity.

Tea Collection GC Giveaway at Momma In Flip Flops2

16 10 2010

Tea Collection makes some very beautiful clothing for children! I’d love to get the Hungarian floral dress for Bean, since she loves to twirl. Or maybe the Benedek 6-piece set for Mighty Man, since I’m always having trouble coordinating his tops and bottoms. (Good thing he doesn’t mind!) Right now, Momma in Flip Flops2 is hosting a giveaway for a $100 gift card on her blog and you can enter here through 10/18.

Speedy art project

15 10 2010

Hmm, what to do when Bean is bored with coloring? Make your own drawing and watch her eyes get really big when you color over everything with a black crayon. Then sit back and enjoy her excitement when she gets to draw with pens and toothpicks. Note to self: buy some bigger, better black crayons…