Same and Different Activity

3 11 2010

Here’s a quick & easy learning activity…

I folded a paper in half then asked Bean to draw a pumpkin on one side. When she was finished, I flipped the paper, and asked her to draw a second one without looking at the first. Then we opened the paper to reveal the two pumpkins and made a list together of their similarities and differences. (The stem on the right-side pumpkin makes me smile!)

Well, Bean decided later to make another comparison on her own. She drew a friendly ghost on one side and a Christmas tree on the other. She got to work listing what was the same and what was different too! It seems the only similarity she noted was they both have presents. Hmm, wonder what she’s thinking about?




One response

15 11 2010

This is a great idea! Making learning fun is the best option. My lil one is not at this stage yet but I cant wait to try it. I always looked for great ways to incorporate learning into fun activities with my oldest, and this one has made the list. Thanks for sharing.

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