Reindeer Craft

5 12 2010

Here’s a cute way to turn your child’s hand into a Christmas decoration. (Idea modified from this project here.)


Trace your child’s open hand onto a stiff felt. Cut out the hand for the body of the reindeer. Cut a tail from the felt scraps.

Color the fingertips with a crayon or marker to make hooves. Decorate as desired with a jingle bell and ribbon collar, a felt heart sticker, a googly-eye and a red or brown nose (cut out of more felt or use a pom-pom).

For the reindeer’s antlers, bend one or two small pipe cleaners in half and shape the ends to look like antlers. Use craft glue to attach the antlers and the tail on the reindeer, holding them in place with a paper clips until the glue dries.

Punch a hole at the top and thread with a ribbon to make into an ornament or glue a magnet to the back.



3 responses

16 12 2010

I’m going to paste these to cardstock and make x-mas cards for family. Thanks for the great idea!

19 12 2010

another great idea!!

19 12 2010

I’m looking tonight in my closet for some felt to do this with the boys for Gigi and Gramma! And our tree! What a great idea 🙂

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