Mad for Madeline

15 09 2011

Another week in our Five in A Row Series has us reading all about Madeline. Given the love of Madeline in our house, we might have been tempted to skip this book, but both Bean and I are glad we didn’t. Remarkably, Madeline holds many math lessons… Since “the smallest one was Madeline,” Bean sorted her figurines into different size groups. Here’s Madeline and the Mr. Men, with a rogue kinder-egg rabbit sans ears, showing friends that are smaller. We also measured our own heights to figure out who is the smallest in our family. We’ll put our measurements aside and revisit them every month to see how we change. Maybe Mighty Man will outgrow Bean soon!

Another math topic we covered is symmetry. Our hunt for all things symmetrical started with a close examination of the book’s illustrations. We finished up by share-drawing symmetrical butterflies, something Madeline would certainly love!

In addition to the lessons suggested by FIAR, we’ve added our tribute with watching all of our Madeline videos, including Madeline and the Bad Hat, Madeline in London, and the even more far-fetched, Madeline in New York. We also had a fun time playing our Madeline game; helping Genevieve find her lost puppies is harder than it sounds! Did you know that Madeline also has her own official site? Not much for the kids there, but a great place for parents to learn more about the author and the history of Madeline.



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