Easy Lego Storage

31 07 2013

I have loved Legos since I can remember and am extremely excited that my boys are starting to love them as well. I am not, however, excited about stepping on them everywhere. My husband and I have been discussing and mulling over different options to keep the blocks contained and organized. If you look up Lego storage or Lego tables online you will find many options and some really creative DIY ideas.

My husband’s idea of a great table is this (a rather good idea seeing as we have 3 boys):

lego table

I would love a lego/playroom wall to look like this one from iheartOrganizing:


(Read all three posts for the complete picture. Fellow organizers may want to devote an afternoon to reading through the rest of her blog. I can’t get enough and funny thing, her name is Jen too!)

But my boys play with Legos like THIS:

lego mess

So after weeks of research and thought, and spying a great coffee table at our local Fred Meyer, this is what I decided on:

coffee table









I love this plan, the table looks nice and gives the boys a surface at their level to build on. At the end of the day if we need to use the family room, they can stick their unfinished projects in the basket. Or more realistically, just sweep all the Legos off the top of the table into the basket.

The Sterilite drawers on the side of the couch are also being used for Lego storage. The top drawer has base plates and instructions. The middle drawer has desk drawer organizers for separating little pieces. And the bottom drawer is full of Legos waiting to be played with by the kids or organized by me 🙂

In the basket under the table I’ve included small empty tubs for holding loose pieces they are currently using. These were from a dollar store trip when I was visiting my family in Ohio. Also from the dollar store are the small organizers on the right. (I wish I had a dollar store close to me!)

basket closeup

I would love for all the tiny accessories (ie hair, swords, flowers) to stay separated but I know it’s not going to happen! Maybe we I can have a session a few times a year to separate them? In the meantime, I am hoping this new set up will keep things corralled.