Summer Fun and #DOLESaladsParty

21 06 2013

DSCN2110For the first day of summer, we created a Summer Fun To-do list inspired by this one from the Buente family. Everyone got to add their own ideas and decorate the poster. I tried to add some easy ones too, in case of boredom setting in…they won’t require too much work to be able to check those off.

Dole Salad party pack

I’m also excited to be chosen as a host for a Dole Salads Taste of Spain House Party at the end of June. The party pack came this week with these cute red rose hair clips and many goodies for the guests. So much fun!

Beginning of a new year

15 01 2013

presentMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I resolve to make this year more heartfelt and compassionate. Like this birthday gift I got from my nearly 4-year old. A little flower wrapped around a pine cone. His expression of love makes my heart smile! I hope that I can make many hearts smile this year too.


Fabulous Fall Crafts and Activities

9 10 2012

Fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities like apple picking (been three times now this season!) and fairs. Here’s the three munchkins at at local “touch a truck” afternoon. Don’t they make an adorable fashion statement altogether?

Our latest fall project included black glue to create some spectacular leaf designs. The inspiration came from Mess for Less (the leaf forms) and Robin Mead Designs (the colors). We used watered-down acrylics on cardstock (8.5×11″ cut in halves). I trimmed the excess background after they dried and now they are gracing our front door!

I’m amazed at how interesting leaves are…seriously! I am also very happy the kids never tire of them. We’ve had some nice science lessons learning about different trees and the characteristics of their leaves. How’s this for a leaf identification chart? Up next on our fall arts and craft list are these projects too:

What are you creating this autumn?

A few March things…

28 03 2012

As the month is wrapping up, here are a few thoughts and things happening around our house.

~Vegetables are making more regular appearances. When artistically displayed, they become even yummier. Here’s a lunchtime treat for two:

~My new favorite gift for kids: A dry erase board that clings to the wall plus some dry erase crayons. For a recent birthday party, we didn’t get this exact one, but it was something along those lines. Perfect for any the little ones who are just learning to write.

~Can’t wait to try this art project to make a brilliant cross:

Lenten Postcard Prayer Project

18 02 2012

Inspired by the Family Lent tradition shared by the Totus Tuus Family on their blog, we’ve decided to make an extra effort to prayer for our friends and family this Lent. We’ll spend the next few days gathering names on slips of paper in a basket. Then, during Lent, the kids can draw a name out at dinnertime and we’ll say a special prayer for that person.

I think it’s also important for us to share a little note with the people we pray for. I know it will help the kids make a more concrete connection with prayer. And hopefully, it’ll be a joy for the recipients to get a piece of happy mail.

I’ve made these postcards that the kids can personalize by coloring the flowers or even just signing their names. There is also space to write the recipient’s name at the top and the date. Yes, it’s going to be a big chunk of postage, but I think it’ll be worth it.

I invite you to download the file I made here. After downloading, just find some white or colorful cardstock, print the first page, flip it, print the 2nd page on the back, and cut into 4 cards.

{The cards were created with flower clip art from: and the Pea Kassidy from Kevin & Amanda at }

Catholic IcingI’ve added this post to the Lenten Link-Up at Catholic Icing where you will find more ideas for celebrating a meaningful Lent.

More Favorite Things This Week

24 01 2012

Here’s a few happy things going on around here…

The New England Aquarium
They certainly have a lot of resources for planning a trip to the aquarium! Our upcoming trip will be a good wrap-up for our homeschool unit on penguins. I’m also very curious to find what new study units it will inspire. Sharks? Seals? Seadragons? I have a feeling it might be lobsters as my kids can’t take a trip to the grocery store without visiting their ornery crustacean friends.

A cute little game to learn letter sounds or sight words or …. Simple to learn and even easier to adapt to your child’s needs. A must-have freebie!

Kevin and Amanda Fonts

I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!’ve discovered with loads of free fonts…that are actually cute & useful! Pea Cassie is my new go-to font when typing things for Bean because it’s sweet and easy to read.



What are your favorites this week?

A Few of My Favorite Things (#imabzzagent)

14 11 2011

Here’s a few things going on right now that make me smile…

Orange Vegetables
Yes, my grocery bags are being overtaken by carrots, squashes and oranges. Maybe because of their sunny hue (it’s been quite grey weather since the rogue snowstorm on Halloween weekend) or maybe my body’s telling me I need some extra nutrients, but I can’t get enough lately! This curried carrot soup is on my list to try next even though I have a butternut/carnival squash lasagna in the freezer I should finish up first.

Springerle Molds
Watch out, Christmas cookie season is coming up fast! While I’m no expert on springerle, I am fascinated by the old-fashioned cookie molds. Our mom has a growing collection that I’m looking forward to trying out. Meanwhile, I’ll just drool over beauties like these leaves.

Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care
Right now, I’m also loving Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin. Having three kids leaves little room for any fancy beauty routine and my skin is as finicky as my toddler at dinnertime. Being a BzzAgent gave me the chance to try the new Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin line. (That’s a mouthful to say!) So here’s my morning beautification schedule… Every morning, I use the facial cleaner in the shower. It’s thick but not irritating and rinses off quickly (Anyone with little kids knows there’s a limited time in the shower before they find where you’re hiding out). After getting dressed, I pump a little bit of Burt’s Bees daily moisturizing cream, slap it on my face, pull up my hair and go. I particularly like the gentle scent of the cream that doesn’t fight with any perfume I might wear.  And it comes in this cute pump bottle (I’m a sucker for clever packaging) A month later and my skin feels awesome! My face hasn’t broken out like other products I’ve tried. I should really be using the facial cleaner before I go to bed although I don’t see how my skin could be much softer. The Sensitive Night Cream is on my list to try next, so maybe I’ll start using the facial cleaner at the end of the day, if the baby ever stops teething and goes to bed on a regular schedule again. *sigh* Well, I always have my morning pampering! Keep an eye out for coupons to try Burt’s Bees for yourself, like from their facebook page (hint, hint!)


So what’s on your list of favorites this week?


A Little Picnic in October

31 10 2011

Sunny inside, while outside it looks like this:

Back from a Baby Summer Vacation!

25 08 2011

We’ve done a lot of hanging out since baby was born, but now we’re ready for action! Quite a few things planned for this fall, so stayed tuned!


7 08 2011

Can’t keep her eyes off the shower curtain!