Reindeer Craft

5 12 2010

Here’s a cute way to turn your child’s hand into a Christmas decoration. (Idea modified from this project here.)


Trace your child’s open hand onto a stiff felt. Cut out the hand for the body of the reindeer. Cut a tail from the felt scraps.

Color the fingertips with a crayon or marker to make hooves. Decorate as desired with a jingle bell and ribbon collar, a felt heart sticker, a googly-eye and a red or brown nose (cut out of more felt or use a pom-pom).

For the reindeer’s antlers, bend one or two small pipe cleaners in half and shape the ends to look like antlers. Use craft glue to attach the antlers and the tail on the reindeer, holding them in place with a paper clips until the glue dries.

Punch a hole at the top and thread with a ribbon to make into an ornament or glue a magnet to the back.

Gingerbread Houses

22 12 2009

I am so excited the kids are getting old enough to do Christmas crafts.  The excitment they had in creating their houses was worth the mess that is now my kitchen!

This is a great way to use up old Halloween candy and is pretty easy to do with preschoolers. I just baked the gingerbread pieces ahead of time.  I made this a multi day process, but it could probably be done all at once since the frosting hardens quite fast.  The first day I had them help me hold the pieces as I “glued” them. Then the next day they picked out the candy they wanted to put on, and told me where to put the frosting for them. Or you can put a dab of frosting on each piece of candy and let them stick it to the house. I gave them a little guidance of course (because I was having fun decorating too) but they did most of it.

The frosting I used was: 3 egg whites, 1 lb powdered sugar and 1/2 tsp cream of tarter. Beat for 5-7 min until stiff. If you put it in a ziploc bag (1qt size) with a coupler and a decorating tip on, it will keep until the next day. It dries pretty quickly so it’s easy for the kids to help put the houses together.

Three days until Christmas! Are your Christmas cards sent? (Mine aren’t, I’m just asking LOL!!)


Hello again

7 12 2008

It’s been a long time since I’ve really posted, I know. I may have to reintroduce myself if I wait any longer 🙂 First our computer was acting up.  And then last week was just crazy with the baby’s surgery. 

For those who don’t know, last Thursday my little one had his cleft palate repaired.  They kept him overnight in the hospital but we got home Friday afternoon and he’s almost back to his normal self.  He’s also almost off all pain medication.  The surgery went well.  We’re seeing the surgeon tomorrow for his first checkup.  Now the hard part will be keeping his arm braces on him so he won’t stick anything in his mouth.  He quickly figured out how to take them off! 

Now it’s on to getting ready for Christmas.  This year is going to be simple gifts for people.  I have a million ideas of things I’d like to make for people and I torture myself by getting more craft books out of the library (and going to craft shows).  That just gives me more ideas!  I’m hoping to carve some time out for myself next week to get some of them done! 

Hopefully I’ll find some more time to post now that this surgery is out of the way.  Christmas baking is coming!!!  My favorite time of year!!!