Meal Plan Monday- AK

11 05 2009

mpmpencilCleaning out the freezer is the theme for this week. I took a look through the freezer this morning and pulled out a bunch of stuff to eat this week. A few of the packages are a mystery because I didn’t label well.

What we eat each day depends on what thaws first- so here is just the list of what I need to use up this week… I know, this isn’t very creative, but some weeks you just need to “defrost” the freezer.  Check back later this week and I’ll post some recipes for the carrot and banana breads.

Sloppy Joes (too freezer burned)
Chili (yummy over pasta and mixed with leftover rice)
Salmon (already cooked, serve with rice)
Beef Stew (had this for lunches)
Shredded carrots (to be made into cake or bread)
Frozen bananas (make into bread)

If we still need meals after this is eaten up I’ll probably make something salmon. We are down to one shelf in the upright freezer but fishing season is only a month or so away! We need to keep eating that up!

For meal plans that are a bit more inspiring than just pulling everything out of the freezer visit OrgJunkie.

Now I have to go get the kids out of trouble- they really have ants in the pants this morning.

Have a good week!