Meal Plan Monday- July 20

20 07 2009

Last week was a bust as far as meal planning- I had a general idea, but we ended up grabbing dinner more than once. This week I have a better plan so no more last minute staring in the fridge! And I have a trip to the commissary planned so if it comes down to staring in the fridge, at least there will be food there LOL!!

By the way, to any family or friends who have not come to visit us in Alaska- you are missing out. There are just some things words and pictures can not convey.  We had another fun weekend camping, hiking, fishing and just enjoying the weather. We have a big campout planned for this weekend too- in the middle of winter we reserved a coveted Russian River campsite (actually a double site) and are planning on camping with some friends and my father-in-law who will be visiting. I am looking forward to floating the river (two hours in peace sans kids).

Menu Planning

Meals are simple but yummy this week (salads every day as the lettuce is growing without abandon):

Monday– Salmon-rice-broccoli casserole
Tuesday– Lasagna, garlic bread
WednesdayHoney Glazed Lemon Roast Chicken (the picture makes me want to try it this way), mashed potatoes
Thursday– leftovers
Friday– hot dogs, sundried tomato pasta salad (thanks for the idea Laura)
SaturdayWagon Master Stew
Sunday– pizza

More meal plan ideas for this week can be found at I’m an Org Junkie.  Happy eating!


Children’s Programming Sabotages Diets

31 07 2008

I came to the realization the other day that I am always hungry because the shows my son watches (or are on in the background sometimes while he plays) always make references to food.  For instance on Clifford there is a dog named T-Bone and another one named Hamburger.  Then on Super Why the episode was about the hen making cornbread for her chicks.  Of course that made me think, hmm, cornbread, sounds good.  So I made some cornbread for my chickies.  Then since I had the oven on I made homemade granola (for the first time).  I am HOOKED!  It was super easy and SO yummy 🙂  My husband can’t stop eating it!  I just followed one of the recipes from my favorite cookbook, altering it a little to take into account the ingredients I had on hand. 

While that was baking I bagged the rest of the salmon that we brought home this past weekend.  Our new idea is to bake it right when we bring it home, flake and debone it, then package it in meal size portions and freeze.  I think it’s going to make it a lot easier to just grab some salmon and use it in meals like salmon alfredo, salmon patties, salmon casseroles etc.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of that fateful morning 🙂


This is the catch from the weekend.  Seven fish in total.  We estimate this is about 25 fish this season.  With us eating maybe 1/2 to 1 fish a week it should last us until the beginning of next summer!


After all the cooking, flaking, vacuum packing, etc.  the kitchen was a mess.  I try to be the kind of person who cleans up during the cooking process but it never works.  I was really tired from standing so I made myself a bowl of the still warm granola and sat down to rest…


After I finished I set the timer for 15 min and cleaned everything but the dishes.  Those took two loads in the dishwasher (because the baby was up late the night before so the dinner dishes hadn’t been done).  Anyway, before and after photos 🙂  Maybe not too impressive to anyone else, but with a toddler running around taking off his diaper and a teething baby, this was quite an accomplishment for me 🙂  Setting the timer is always great motivation.  You can do anything for 15 (or 10 or 5) minutes.  And usually once I get started I can finish even if the timer goes off.