Fabulous Fall Crafts and Activities

9 10 2012

Fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities like apple picking (been three times now this season!) and fairs. Here’s the three munchkins at at local “touch a truck” afternoon. Don’t they make an adorable fashion statement altogether?

Our latest fall project included black glue to create some spectacular leaf designs. The inspiration came from Mess for Less (the leaf forms) and Robin Mead Designs (the colors). We used watered-down acrylics on cardstock (8.5×11″ cut in halves). I trimmed the excess background after they dried and now they are gracing our front door!

I’m amazed at how interesting leaves are…seriously! I am also very happy the kids never tire of them. We’ve had some nice science lessons learning about different trees and the characteristics of their leaves. How’s this for a leaf identification chart? Up next on our fall arts and craft list are these projects too:

What are you creating this autumn?

Crafting it Forward

26 01 2010

[Resurfacing this post from last year, with a few slight changes, since it got buried before anyone signed up. Thanks!]

While blog surfing, I’ve found a great idea at the Polka Dot Daisy and Creations by Lanie: “pay it forward.” This is not just your typical raok or putting on a happy face, but paying it forward with something handmade. And I love to make things! Yipee!

Here we go…

Making handcrafted items is a dying art, but they are so fun to make and get! So, here’s a little game to encourage handcrafting to live and thrive. The first 5 people to leave a comment on this post, will receive, at some point during the year, a super-duper handmade gift from me! What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise. The catch is that you must participate as well 🙂 So before you leave your comment here, write up (or copy and paste) a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going. Then, come back, let me know you are going to play, and anticipate the arrival of your super-duper handmade gift!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

  1. I make no guarantee that you will like what I make. But, I will try my best to make sure that you do 🙂
  2. It will be done this year (probably sooner rather than later)
  3. You will have no clue what or when it will be. Please make sure to leave some way that I can get a hold of you.

Have fun!

Christmas Tree Craft

19 12 2009

I was going to share some more of Bean’s crafts, but don’t know where to start. We made paper Santas this week with simple shapes cut out of construction paper and decorated with markers, crayons and stickers. Well, this is also the week Bean has decided to practice her scissor skills. Poor Santa is in a million pieces!

I saw this cute craft for paint stirring stick Christmas trees over at Many Little Blessings. I like the easy clean-up with the cotton swaps as paint brushes. I think the eraser end of a pencil would work too. We’ll have to stop at the hardware store and ask for some paint stirrers or maybe we’ll paint (and then cut up) some construction paper trees!

Roly-Poly Turkey Craft

20 11 2009

Thanksgiving is not complete without a rafter of turkeys. Here’s our little craft made with recycled materials from around the house.

The body is an empty spool of ribbon covered with construction paper. The back feathers are coffee filters that were for a smaller coffee maker that we no longer have. The wings, beak, and heart are cut from felt scraps while the pipe cleaner legs have been kicking around my craft box forever. Of course, I always have googly eyes in my stash! A bit of glue to hold everything together and a string to hang him up, and he’s finished. If you bend the legs forward, he will even sit on the table because of the width of the spool.

After helping me, Bean made her own, all by herself. Not sure where the wings went, but she managed to draw his beak on!

Clever Gift Giving: Works for Me Wed

23 09 2009

wfmwbannerKRISTENclipboard 003

I always like to spiffy up a simple card or a gift card gift with something handmade. Adding a small personal touch makes the recipient feel special.
A mini-clipboard from the craft store decorated with scraps of nice paper makes a fun and useful gift card holder. Why not add a strong magnet to the back and the recipient can put it on the fridge? More about this particular clipboard here.

aug 2009Recently, we had the honor of attending a friend’s Eagle Court of Honor. Boy, did we ever have a hard time finding an appropriate card! I ended up making a card by printing the image of an Eagle on magnetic paper and affixing it to the card stock with dimensional dots. He’ll (hopefully) be able to use the magnet long after he’s thrown out the card and burned through wisely spent the cash gift.

Visit Works for Me Wednesday this week here at We Are THAT Family.

Baby says thank you!

28 01 2009

My friend had this great idea from her friend to make little “care packages” to give to her OB, L&D nurse and other people who helped her during her stay in the hospital while giving birth. I guess it’s along the lines of handing out cigars to everyone around when the kid pops out, but a little more thoughtful. My friend says the staff really appreciated it, especially the “grumpy” nurse who she almost didn’t give one to.

Following her lead, I came up with a simple item to hand out to special people. Still, it was easy enough that my toddler could help and we could make extras. It could also be a good party favor for a baby shower if you match the insert card to the party invitations/theme.

The hardest part is deciding what treat to use and then making sure the bags will fit the treat without looking overstuffed or empty. I used single serving packages of Land o’ Lakes Hot Chocolate for three reasons: 1. I like them, so hopefully others will too, 2. They fit nicely behind a standard-sized thank you card, 3. I had a box in the cupboard already!

For me, the best part was that I had all the craft materials in my stash and I had found packages of thank you cards from a resale shop (less than 3 cents a card!).
Here’s Bean showing off the finished gifts. Directions are below…


Thank you cards
Ribbon to match
Clear Candy Bags (found in the candy making aisle of any craft store)
Something to fill bags with (Hot Chocolate packages, candy, etc)

Using a paper cutter, trim the front off the thank you cards to fit inside the bag. (Optional–add a little handwritten note to the back of the card) Slide the card into the gussets on the candy bags. Fill bags with treats and tie closed with ribbon. You’re done!

Christmas Cards for Kids

4 11 2008

Here is another fun thing I made for the craft fair last weekend. These are color-me cards that I packaged with a box of crayons. The image is in black and white and it’s large enough to encourage budding artists to create their masterpieces. It’s an easy way to add a personal touch to Christmas correspondence and make your cards stand out among the masses of packaged greetings.


The stamps are from the Stampin Up’ Crab & Co set. If you don’t want to make your own, sets are available to purchase through our Etsy shop; just send me a convo for more info & prices (less than $1 per card). Thanks!

PS—Win a free box of Smuckers Uncrustables over here.

Still hungry?

30 10 2008

How about a Thanksgiving snack, with a roast turkey leg and mashed potatoes with gravy? And, why not a slice of pie? Gee, now I’m hungry…

Christmas Peek-a-Boo Boxes

12 09 2008

Well, I’m not going to start counting down to Christmas just yet, but I do want to get a jump-start on the different crafts I’ll be making this year. I plan to try a bazaar or two (yes, dh, I said bah-zarrr, not bizarre, even though the difference is sometimes minimal). So I was poking through my supplies and leftovers from last year and found one of the cutest crafts I made last year: Peek-a-boo boxes. They were inspired by Qbee on the Splitcoast Stampers site from the tutorial she shared for making peek-a-boo boxes. They aren’t your ordinary gift boxes; when the recipient opens the box, there is a little window revealing the surprise inside.
I don’t recommend making these for craft fairs, since they are very labor-intensive. But they are a perfect way to gift a special someone with a little treat. Here are some pictures of mine from last year. (Stamp images are from Stampin’ Up with Tsukineko inks) Don’t miss seeing Qbee’s halloween treat boxes too! (look here and here)

A Crafty Lunchbox

17 06 2008

Well my niece has finally made it; she graduated from High School and just turned 18! To mark both occasions, I made her a stylish lunchbox that’s too cool for school. It was filled with a (matching) burgundy bag with a brown flower, chocolates and jelly bellys, and some 4×6 photo paper. I am thrilled she liked it. The floral pattern is on both front and back (cut from one sheet of 12X12 paper) and the sides and trim are painted to match. Everything is sealed in Mod Podge and laquered. A lot of fun to make and hopefully, a lot of fun for her to use!