Fabulous Fall Crafts and Activities

9 10 2012

Fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities like apple picking (been three times now this season!) and fairs. Here’s the three munchkins at at local “touch a truck” afternoon. Don’t they make an adorable fashion statement altogether?

Our latest fall project included black glue to create some spectacular leaf designs. The inspiration came from Mess for Less (the leaf forms) and Robin Mead Designs (the colors). We used watered-down acrylics on cardstock (8.5×11″ cut in halves). I trimmed the excess background after they dried and now they are gracing our front door!

I’m amazed at how interesting leaves are…seriously! I am also very happy the kids never tire of them. We’ve had some nice science lessons learning about different trees and the characteristics of their leaves. How’s this for a leaf identification chart? Up next on our fall arts and craft list are these projects too:

What are you creating this autumn?

Speedy art project

15 10 2010

Hmm, what to do when Bean is bored with coloring? Make your own drawing and watch her eyes get really big when you color over everything with a black crayon. Then sit back and enjoy her excitement when she gets to draw with pens and toothpicks. Note to self: buy some bigger, better black crayons…

A Strong and Happy Gymnastic Bean

18 01 2010

Bean's drawing

I asked Bean what helps make her strong and happy, and she said going to her little gym. She drew a great picture of having fun at her gymnastics class. This idea was probably foremost in her mind because she’s been overly excited these past few days about practicing her skills for their “big show” in class next week. She loves to draw, but since she  just turned 4 years old, I had to ask her to explain some of her details. I love the little stick arms & legs and how she drew the faces with big open smiles. Her story is below in blue and I’ve translated a little after to make it easier to follow.

“One, two, three, four people. Four. This is me. This is me. This is me. This is me. [She drew herself 4 times, in 4 different outfits and hairstyles, of course!]
They follow all the dots to a beam…This dot to this dot to this dot.
[Her gym has dots on the floor to make a path; she followed the path in green marker on the lower left hand side]
…and jump over here…and walk over here all the way to a beam.
[She has a balance beam (line) and vault in purple in the lower right hand corner]
Right here they are jumping on here and then they are keeping their feet together and they are jumping.
[The girl with a red head, a red-orange leotard and green hair is jumping on the yellow & pink donut mat]
And right here they are tumbling.
[The girl with red hair in the lower left hand corner who appears to be wearing an orange toga with blue and green dots.]
And this one is laying here because there’s a puppet.
[The girl with huge hair and a red-striped leotard. Bean gave her a black dotted ball too. A puppet??]
And this one, she’s walking on the ball and then she’s jumping here and then she’s jumping on the ball.”
[The girl in purple is jumping on the two orange mats and the red ball.]

Two other things that Bean wanted to make sure I knew about are the “jumpy snake” [the light blue shape near the yellow mat] and the “swimsuit leotard” [the polka-dotted shape near the purple girl and red ball]. I’m not quite sure what either of those are about. Any ideas? The other details are different mats and gym equipment and some of her words. [the zig-zags in the middle of the page]

Bean coloring

Do two markers color twice as fast or make it twice as orange?

I’m entering Bean’s picture in the “Strong and Happy” Drawing Contest sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom along with Yoplait Kids. Thank you Yoplait! (Bean enjoys Yoplait Kids yogurt cups and Go-Gurt.) Visit the contest here to see all the other cute entries and enter your kids’ drawings for a chance to win a generous prize to use towards classes (including sports) and/or education materials for them.

PS-Couldn’t resist adding these two flashback links:

Bean likes to exercise

Bouncy Bean (aka “Thank you, Grandma, for sending me a leotard!)

Works for me Wednesday: “Mom, I’m Bored”

4 06 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!

Labels     Yes, summer is coming! One of the best indoor activities that keeps my toddler amused to no end is playing with stickers. But, I cringe when Bean peels sheet after sheet of fancy stickers and pastes them to her body! So, I’ll give her a sheet of labels instead. I’ve found little round and rectangled colored labels intended for pricing things at a garage sale work well. They are bright and colorful and cheap! (Especially if you find them at the dollar store, garage sales, or in bulk at an office supply store.)
     These stickers are also a blank canvas for budding young artists. Blank address labels intended for your printer also work nicely. My toddler colors some by herself and loves to have me draw familiar faces (cats, stars, letters, etc) for her as she calls their names out. When her older cousins are over, I give them some fine-tipped markers, and they create amazingly intricate masterpieces. Sometimes, they’ll color a picture, then stick each piece to a sheet of construction paper, with a little bit of space between each sticker. This is a really cool effect—I think there’s a scrapbooking term for it too! 
      When Bean is covered in stickers and is looking for something new, I stick a bunch of labels to the floor making paths through the apartment for her to follow. She’ll run back and forth on her sticker path for awhile, but her favorite game is dancing. Bean will put a pile of stickers in one spot on the floor, then ask for music. She’ll dance around, stomping on the stickers, and make sure she’s standing on them when each song ends. We love stickers!

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